Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Point not taken

Yeah I have issues with annoying bunch, but dont we all?
I got a phone call this morning, on my way to the gym *btw, I was on leave*. Apparently, the receptionist didnt know that I wasnt in the office. To cut the story short, some clients showed up a lil bit early than the actual time. So, it's for me not really an issue. Just ask them to wait in the meeting room, serve them with hot drinks and that is it basically.
Instead to using the God given brain, she called me and started panicking *kan-cheong*. Asked me to go all the way to the office to meet the clients. Ok:
1. I didnt arrange any appointment to meet anyone as clearly, I'm on leave.
2. They are not my clients.
3. They have informed the receptionist that they were looking for SOMEONE ELSE in the office.
3. I am not a Prime Minister. I dont think for anyone. Even the Prime Minister has his own crew to think for him.
*inhale~~~ exhale~~~*
Moral of the story is, dont get drunk too much. It screws your brain fast.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not hard to have him as a father, just need to know how to react to his sense of Poyoness

Dont ignore the title.


So, we were in the car me and Haji Ismail. Listening to "Cinta Kristal" by Rahim Maarof.


Mangsa: "Dia ni time muda mesti hensem kan yah?"

Haji Ismail: "Aa'ah...ayah hensem lagi la" ------> *muke stone*

Mangsa: *muntah! muntah! muntah!*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bila hormon bangang memuncak

Just need to shut myself off
Like really
I looked at myself and wondered, "How come???"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ignore the title
Hmm...I dont really have things to say, but I do feel like typing anyway. Remember when we were 15? All we had to do was studying and score good grades.
No, seriously I dont have anything to say.
Lot of people will hate me because of this. But I will only gonna do it if there is nothing much left in me to consider.