Monday, March 29, 2010


Life is a journey,
That is ahead us,
Happiness and sorrow,
I share,
I smile,
With those who want to smile with me,
And those who want to share,
The feelings within,
On how I see life,
And how I embrace every single opportunity,
With the people I love, care, and treasure.

Life is a journey,
My journey,
A path I’m leading,
With every courage and honour,
These walks,
These steps,
These runs,
Are graced by their presence,
Enlightened by their existence,
As they are with me,
Through every pain,
And every joy,
I shall not worry,
For I know that they will always be with me,
As I endure these walks, these steps, these runs.

Life is a journey,
Which I embark not alone,
But with the people I love.

Life is a journey,
Which might have taken me years,
Before I reach the destination,
But fear no more,
As I know that they will be with me,
Throughout the voyage,
And they will be waiting for me,
The moment I land.

For they are my friends,
My companions for life,
And life is indeed a journey…

Mary, please don't go...


Name: Faizura I. Yusof
Age: 25
Hobby: Cursing

- Who Knew -

Thursday, March 25, 2010

And That How My Heart Beats

If I ever walk this life again, I will do it with you
Past - Present - Future


Hastening paces while we soar,
As the ground is stilled with joy,
In his eyes I see greatness,
Running flamboyantly throughout times,
I know
Translucent I utter,
A heart cluttered with doubts and agonies,
Hence he came to the senses,
In his eyes I see power,
Roams strongly with dignity

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Know

I lied. I know.
You are hurt. I know.
I know. I know.

I have lost your trust. I know.
I have lost your faith. I know.
I know. I know.

You are...
Deeply hurt. Deeply bruised.
I know. I know.

This is my promise. These are my words.
Forgive me for I have betrayed your trust. For I have betrayed your faith.
I know. I know

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Friend Indeed :)

Hairi: I despise fats on mine. But I dun get prejudicial towards all my dear frens, coz u guys worth more than anything else in the world. but who intend to lose em (eg mumu) I sapot 100%.

Faiz: Aha, am I just a friend to you hairi? Kidding...thanks for the support though.

Hairi: No. U r my bestest fren 4 my entire life. Kembang x?

Faiz: I just the bestest friend of your entire life hairi? Hahaha. Mati kene lempang nnt. Thanks. I know that.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Para penonton~
Bapak2, ibu2, semua yang ada disini~
Ada yang bilang dangdut tak goyang~
Bagai sayur kurang garam, kurang enak, kurang sedap~
Dari itu Faiz goyang~
Agar semuanya tenang~
......[isik sendiri!]

Friday, March 12, 2010


I miss u
I miss us
I miss everything

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Fahd: hehehe faiz...lame dowh tak jumpe ko yg sebenar..mase kenduri kawen tu mcm bukan ko je aku tgk hahahaha

Faiz: ye kau nk ckp aku buruk kn time wedding iju tu...

Fahd: tak la..cantik la.. (OMG aku terpakse..)

Faiz: sudah la...aku tau sgt...cara kau pandang aku aritu tu aku dh bole agak kau fikir ape dlm kepale kau...

Fahd: tak aku kagum doh sbb ko mampu..but stil aku nk jumpe faiz yg aku kenal dulu :P (sweet tak ayat aku??)