Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guess being STUPID is your forte

Dont ignore the title.
Admit it, that stupid and moronic people are freaking everywhere. Not only that they are hazardous to humanity but literally speaking, they are a complete pollution!
Babak 1:
The world is praying for Japan for the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. At least 80,000 casualties and thousands have lost their homes and loved ones in Japan's worst earthquake in 300 years.
Si Bijak:
Bersimpati dan berdoa agar mangsa yang hilang selamat. Dan pada mereka yang ahli keluarganya terbunuh, semoga bersabar.
Si Bangang:
(1) Fizz Fairuz - "manalah ultraman n power ranger n doraemon dlm saat2 genting tsunami di

(2) Kartunis Berita Harian - *thanks for making Malaysia popular. MotherF!
Babak 2:
C'mon, if I were to tell you again that you are a bloody adult with a bloody brain, would you consider being at least bloody smart even for a while?
Guess not.
You want people to understand. You want public to feel your pain and your so called sorrow. Here's the deal brah, first thing first, I think what you really need is a huge double cheese bitch slap as the main course and a french bitch fit as the side dish. For dessert, hmm maybe some tutti brain shake?
Yes, she is the mother of your kids but fuck yes she is still a whore. If you still dont get it I am indeed sorry for you.

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